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The Ultimate Caliber in Style

Calybyr [ kal-uh-ber ] & Co. was born from the desire to see a higher 'caliber' of life, beauty and personal charm return to a world darkened by the spectre of repetition and replica.

Our Materials

Our heirloom-quality men's jewelry is crafted from solid precious metals—no plating—and accented with premium hand-selected natural gemstones.   Our designs are original, aimed to brighten and enliven each moment.  We believe the experience of life is more than a lifestyle. It's a treasure to celebrate.

Inspiration for our Designs

Our inspiration comes from a combination of history, fantasy and poetry."Jewelry accents our lives in much the way features of a garden enliven our homes."

--Jerry Sumpter, Designer and Founder

Calybyr means living life at the highest caliber. It's doing what's right--even when the world seems set against you.
We founded the company for those who share our belief that a life well lived is a life well shared in integrity and abundance.
--Jerry Sumpter, Founder.
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